1) In academic attitude and skills: Do less effort and focus better

Do it again. In 2012 I positioned myself as a senior researcher opening new fields in Romania as: online reputation management,  organizational learning, e-learning and innovative teaching methods. My academic brand includes also a strong orientation to practice, as a stimulating factor for research and teaching.

Also, in 2012 I turned back and completed some gaps in my skills (such as use of statistical research methods near the classic ones, if needed) and in the same time I looked to new approaches (especially methods for web research). I spent two months in improving my academic writing style in English (that was not simple at all :)) and gained more flexibility while teaching in English.

Do it better. I want to define better the areas and paths of action and restrain the non-effective ones. On the other hand, now with the gaps completed, there is room for development.

2) In professional networking: Correlate objectives with actions

Do it again. In 2012 I became international in my professional relationship and this had a fine effect. I met some of the best academic experts in my fields and received an encouraging feed-back.

Do it better. In 2012 I participated in 7 international and important conferences (6 of which were academic) with 8 original papers, and made presentations in two scientific workshops (a huge effort, as a total). In future I will choose only focused events, with specific knowledge gains.

3) In professional publications: Maintain target and frequency

Do it again. In 2012 I improved my personal record of one professional book per year to five years consequently and also published my first novel. I have signals from readers that the books were received just as I meant (though only from a quality public, just as this blog). Also, my articles addressed to special issues as the online reputation management, which I hope to found as a distinct academic field.

Do it better. I will coordinate a book (in Romanian) about Entrepreneurship and managerial abilities. My other articles and chapters will be conceived in view of a book on online reputation (in English), intended for 2014. Finally, I want to translate my novel in English and begin to write another.

4) In management skills: Choose competent employees, or work alone

Do it again. I completed all the duties of a Chair of Public Relations Department and had some positive initiatives for our college. On the other hand, I was the second position in the management team of EHR (Entrepreneurship for Human Resources) project. I improved to excellence my implementation ability and became able to do almost the impossible.

Do it better. The institutional area in Romania is less competitive than the private area and offers little options in selecting employees, in rewarding or sanctioning of the practices. In spite of this, I will select only competent and  learning-oriented people to work with, or I will prefer to work alone.

5) In professional partnerships: See the landscape in change

Do it again. In 2012 I was opened to new business partnerships, but careful in observing details under statements and appearances. I will continue to be opened to new relationships, considering that the  surprises (pleasant or unpleasant) could come from everywhere.

Do it better. I will be more flexible in seeing every relationship in evolution and change. If an old partnership went well, it’s not necessarily fine  in all circumstances. On the other hand, old competition relationships might become fine collaborative relationships.  Finally, the affectiveness (nor positive, nor negative) shouldn’t be involved at all in professional relationships.

6) In mentorship area:   Build frame and measurement

Do it again. I have two brilliant assistants (doctoral students), and I hope to help them discover the best of their potential and transform it in value. Near them, there are also some graduates (came from the Connections experience, mainly) that seek to maintain communication and collaboration with me.

Do it better. Would be useful to have a clearer frame for mentoring, and even measure its effectiveness :).

There are also five other levels of resolution, but I will keep them private. Good luck to every learning soul in 2013 :).